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Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305


Х-ка 1:For people who want a clip-on USB laptop speaker with room-filling, 360-degree sound.
Х-ка 2:Your speaker projects sound more evenly in all directions, so you get a great listening experience throughout the room.
Х-ка 3:A simple clip allows you to attach your speaker securely to most laptops and netbooks, so you can easily use it anywhere you use your computer – your office, your bed, the airport and more.
Х-ка 4:This compact speaker fits easily into the included travel case or your laptop bag, so it's ready to hit the road whenever you are.
Х-ка 5:The USB cable tucks neatly into the back of your speaker, giving you a look that's sleek and clutter-free.
Х-ка 6:The plug-and-play USB connection delivers power and pure, digital audio instantly through one cord – without the need for software or an external power supply.
Гаранция:24 мес.

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  • Модел: Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305
  • Производител: LOGITECH

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